Spotted: Andien Aisyah - BelahanJantungkuVol02

February 21, 2018

Andien Aisyah moderating her talkshow Belahan Jantungku Vol 0.2 at Dia.Lo.Gue

She's wearing Gabrielle Top from 0.3 Wild Flower


Belahan Jantungku Vol 0.2 is talkshow created by Andien Aisyah and his husband Irfan Wahyudi. The goal of the talk show is to educate parents on various parenting topics. The theme for the second talk show is "MPASI: makan itu menyenangkan" with guest speakers Dr. Ratih Ayu Wulandari, IBCLC. Various info such as Facts about MPASI, Types of food for MPASI, Responsive feeding, Common problems that is encountered with MPASI, and many more is being discussed and share with the parents attending the talk show. The talkshow is closed with a cooking demonstration and meal time with all of the attendances.


It is such an honor to dress you up for such a wonderful event, Thank you so much for your trust and we are hoping to dress you again in the future!



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